Eyebrow Microblading

Let me guess: you’re here because you fill your eyebrows every day, you’re a little over it and you’re officially thinking about microblading, the semi-permanent form of eyebrow tattooing.

But if the idea of ​​microblading scares you too much to try (there’s something about permanent makeup that feels so … permanent), don’t be shy. Not only does the process hurt less than you think, but the results don’t last forever – which is great news if you’re thinking.

To answer any questions you may have about microblading, we turned to the makeup artist, certified beautician and cosmetic tattoo specialist. Keep scrolling to find out how her experience went and to find out all about microblading, so that you too have perfect eyebrows without all the extra effort.

What is eyebrow microblading?

Manual microblading is a process that involves small, fine-pointed needles (instead of a tattoo machine) that make up a disposable blade and handle to scratch and deposit the pigment simultaneously under the skin. The outcome? Realistic-looking, non-washable forehead hair.

So is microblading a tattoo?

Yes, but no. Unlike tattoos that last forever, microblading is a form of semi-permanent tattoo.

For microblading, a hand tool is used that allows me to create thinner, more precise, hair-like movements that are not as deeply rooted in the skin (compared to, for example, hair movements created by a hair dryer). tattoo).

The pigment also differs from that of a tattoo because it is only semi-permanent, which means that your body gets to metabolize it so that it fades and the dye particles are less concentrated in the microblading ink than in ink of a traditional tattoo.


New eyebrows are 50% darker and 15-20% denser. Within seven days, the color will disappear and the eyebrows will appear more natural, but the final result will be visible only after the correction.